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Mini loader carries up to 130 kg but will go through standard doorway

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Part of the Cormidi range of mini transporters is the Rikishi 7.0, which is now available from Aztex Equipment.

Mini loader carries up to 130 kg but will go through standard doorway

The Rikishi mini loader can be made into a versatile workhorse, by fitting a 4-in-1: to dig, scrape, level or grab.

With the arm mounted directly on the chassis of the Cormidi 500, Aztex says the mini loader easily carries 65 litres of bulk material, which can weigh up to 130 kg. 
“What makes this unit unique is its 700 mm width, which allows the mini loader to fit through a standard doorway. Featuring hydrostatic transmission, with three pumps, the Rikishi 7.0 features a high tipping bucket, up to 1.58 m at the pivot,” said Rod Burrows of Aztex Equipment.
“Rubber tracks and a rocking roller give this mini loader excellent traction in all weather and terrain. Cormidi’s proprietary sprockets provide superior traction compared to tyres and non-track machinery like skid steer loaders. Maximum speed is a respectable 4 kmph.
“Wet and muddy surfaces are not a problem, as the tracked carrier only has a ground pressure of around 3.75 psi (0.179 kPa), compared to the 10 psi (0.478 kPa) exerted by the average person.”
The unit can be supplied with either a Subaru petrol engine or a diesel engine. The upper structure of the unit is built from Swedish steel for long service life.
Instead of a standard bucket, the mini loader can be fitted with a 4-in-1, for greater versatility. This option means that the unit can be used to dig, scrape, level or grab - making the mini loader a great all-round workhorse
Other Cormidi mini transporters from Aztex Equipment include dumpers, with a 500 kg capacity high tip model, different models to do different weights, as well as the larger more powerful 800 and 1000 kg models.

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